Safety Instructions/Disclaimer

Dragon Targets/ Rancher Supply appreciate your business! Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe while shooting, and receive the longest possible life out of your product:

  • All shooters and spectators must wear eye/ear protection while targets are being shot.
  • If shooting pistols, stand 10 yards or further away from the target.
  • If shooting rifles, stand at least 100 yards away from the target.
  • Only use lead core ammunition!! Using armor piercing rounds, FMJs, steel/copper core will result in premature denting, increasing the chance of shrapnel coming back down range.
  • Make sure the velocity of the bullet does not exceed 3,000 fps at the time of impact to prevent pitting.
  • Follow our chart and use the recommended thickness for which ever gun you decide to shoot. 
  • For pistols, use a 1/4” or thicker target from a distance of  > 10 yards.
  • For rifles up to .308, use a 3/8” or thicker target from a distance of  > 100 yards.
  • For any caliber higher than a .308, use a 1/2” target from a distance of  > 100 yards.


Disclaimer: The buyer assumes all responsibility for the use and misuse of the products received from Dragon Targets.