.22 Rim Fire 9mm
.38 Spl
.44 Spl .45acp

8 yards

.40 SW
.44 mag
Shotgun w/ Lead Bird Shot

12 yards

Shotgun w/ Std Velocity 00 Buck

20 yards

Shotgun w/ Std Velocity Slug

50 yards

.30-30 45-70

100 yards

.308 .30-06

150 yards

.270 Win

200 yards


300 yards

300 Win Mag

400 yards

When using a rifle, the added distances are for the protection of the target and also the safety of the shooter.

Impact velocities approaching 2850fps can cause slight pitting and edge chipping of the target surface even with high quality AR500 steels.

NOTE: The damage from these higher velocity impacts is primarily a result of the intense heat created during the bullet strike and not the impact itself. This intense heat creates a mini HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) that destroys the temper of the steel and allows the damage to occur in this localized area. Observing the correct mounting procedures and observing the shooting distances posted above are two ways to reduce or eliminate any damage to your targets. Damaged and/or pitted AR500 steel targets can become unsafe at ranges closer than 50 yds due to increased risk of ricochet or splatter concerns due to the uneven surfaces created. Copper jacketed or plain lead targets are the only ammo types recommended. Avoid the use of any steel shotgun slugs, pellets, steel core, green tip, xm-855, steel jacket or other armor piercing rounds. Smart use will ensure you get the maximum life from your targets.

With proper use, AR500 targets can last almost indefinitely.
See mounting to ensure you practice the correct mounting practices.

Caution: Bullet fragments may come towards the shooter and spectators.
All persons in the area must have ear and eye protection.
Bullet fragments may cause harm to shooters, spectators and objects near the target.